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Healthy. Happy. Home.

At Roster, we believe a person’s health and wellness is dictated by more than what’s accounted for within the four walls of traditional medical care facilities. We address the social determinants of health for the neediest, most under-served patients to help them stay healthy, happy, and at home.


People, processes, technology.

We are first and foremost a service organization. Our strongest assets are our community health workers - Roster Health Advocates - who build trusting, personal relationships with patients. We arm our Roster Health Advocates with best-in-class technology, clinical partners, and community resources, but we know our lifeblood is in the relationships formed between our Roster Health Advocates and the people they serve.


Aligned partnerships.

Roster succeeds only when patient outcomes are improved and spend is decreased. As a non-clinical services provider, we are able to build within the existing healthcare system and partner with any payor or risk-bearing partner committed to addressing the Social Determinants of Health.


healthy. happy. home.


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